2017-08-30 16:47:35


Established in 1980 in Taiwan, YAMAKKO started in the industry specializing in the production of 1000 to 2000 watt gasoline generators.
In 2004, in order to meet the growing demand of the market, the company opened another location in Suzhou, just outside China’s global financial hub and port city of Shanghai. Our 60 acre manufacturing facility is located in the Panyang Industry Park.
In 2007, Yamakko expanded its initial production line and began producing a variety of water pumps and welding generators along with other specialized electrical equipments. Such specialized electric equipment includes car washers and sprayers.
Our ISO9001-certified manufacturing facilities went through a full technical upgrade with the expansion of the initial production line and the installation of two additional fully automatic production lines.
Besides generators, engines and water pumps, Yamakko also provides the market with other industrial equipment including diesel and gasoline generators over 8KVA.
Serving a diverse clientele from distributors to retailers, Yamakko’s products are shipped globally. Currently our distribution sees 90% of our products being exported into Indonesia, Myanmar and the Middle East as well as Middle and West Africa.
The balance of our sales is distributed within the Chinese domestic market.
We employ over 100 employees at our Suzhou facility. Our staff also includes more than 10 engineers trained to provide the best product training and customer support.
Yamakko assures the highest quality and reliability with every product.